"I was struggling as a first time mom breastfeeding my baby and was reaching my breaking point, even though it was very important to me. I had so many sleepless nights I didn't even want to try to manage going out for another appointment, so the first thing I loved about Leanne was that she came to my home. Our appointment was fantastic. She identified the problems we were having that all my other health care providers missed. The day she left we had a solid plan moving forward, unlimited text/email communication, my breast milk supply has doubled since and most importantly baby is fed and happy! I definitely recommend an appointment with Leanne, she was the guidance we needed."

Thanks again!

Mama G and Baby M

The key is persistence perseverance, consistency & support.
We never established breastfeeding in the beginning because of a tongue tie & poor stimulation resulting in low milk supply. Tough!
I consulted an LC when my daughter was 2 months old because I wanted to breastfeed period!

At that time, my daughter had completely refused the breast. I knew what I wanted, and I was determined. Some days I felt like giving up but I held on.

I remember talking with my Mom over the phone and she couldn’t comprehend why I wasn’t breastfeeding- she breastfed all her 4 kids.

When I started working with Leanne, my daughter wasn’t latching to the breast. We pumped and bottle fed her. She would cry when I attempted to put her on the breast.  

This went on for days and weeks, however, I continued with the plan Leanne set up for us. Slowly, after a month or so she started sucking for a few minutes. Finally at 4 months she was breastfeeding and emptying the breast. I was super excited
Working with Leanne was the best decision we made. She helped us through this journey and encouraged us even when I wanted to give up.
Moms out there who want to breastfeed but can’t for one reason or another, I want to encourage you that it is possible to breastfeed regardless of your situation. If I did it anyone can.

Mama J and Baby Y

Leanne was amazing! As a Physician who works a lot with mothers & babies, I thought I knew quite a bit about breastfeeding but it really is a whole other complex field! Leanne made me me feel less anxious  as a first time mom. She answered all my questions with kindness and patience. She was also available by text to guide us along the way. When there were obstacles, she followed up with us in person as needed. Unlike Lactation Consultants in the hospital, I never felt rushed and I felt like I received a much deeper understanding than one can get within the hospital system. Her nursing background is a major bonus. We went from my baby being fed mainly formula  to now exclusively breastfeeding my daughter. Breastfeeding really is an ever changing journey and I’m grateful Leanne was there to help our family. I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation.

Mama A and Baby M

My little man just hit 14lbs! He is growing like a weed. Also with the changes in feeding I’ve had some trouble with nipple pain returning but with the help you gave me I have been able to fix his latch and reduce the pain. Thank you so much for everything, I know I wouldn’t have gotten this far with breastfeeding without you.

Mama H & Baby B

I’m a first time mom and contacted Leanne and Nourish Consulting in a last ditch attempt to get some help with breastfeeding. Before getting in touch with Leanne, I had a hard time nursing for more than 10 minutes and baby frequently fell asleep at the breast. I had been to another clinic and seen 3 different consultants who all told me different things, none of which worked. Leanne responded to my SOS quickly and saw me the next day. I immediately felt at ease when she arrived. Her whole demeanour made me feel relaxed. She was patient and listened to me tell my story without making me feel rushed. On the first visit, Leanne watched the whole feed and helped me make some adjustments in my positioning, again, reassured me with an incredible amount of patience. There was an improvement in the pain I felt right away and what made it really work was that it was in the comfort of my own home with my specific set up. Leanne took notes on the whole session and left them for my reference. On our follow up visit, my baby had already gained some weight and I had seen a huge improvement in the amount of time my baby spent actively nursing. I credit the success of my breastfeeding journey to the support provided by Leanne. Since our first appointment three weeks ago, my baby gained 32g/day and moved from the 11th to 12th percentile. I have been singing Leanne’s praises to my friends and family doctor for the exceptional support she gave me in a very stressful time with a new baby. Leanne encourages you to call/text at any time with any questions you might have (and I had a lot!) and she responds promptly. I am so happy I found Leanne and Nourish Consulting and would not hesitate to recommend the services she provides. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU.

Mama A & Baby

I knew as soon as I got pregnant that when my baby would come into this world, I would breast feed. It felt like it would be the most natural, and economical thing to do; however, when my little man came into this world, it felt anything but natural to me. I always assumed that breastfeeding would be easy, and so I never took any classes to prepare myself for what was to come. Right off the bat, my son didn’t latch well. The latches were almost always shallow and it didn’t matter how many pillows I used or what positions I tried, I just couldn’t get it right. It only made me feel more incompetent when my mother would look at me confused, saying it was never this hard for her. When I reached out to Leanne I had hit rock bottom. I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong, and even though my little man was healthy and growing from the milk I was giving him, my confidence and esteem was plunging. Leanne was so helpful, she provided constant support and encouragement at times when I just wanted to give up. She even let me come over to her home to help me one day when I was at a loss and gave me a number of options on how I could help little man latch better. When I had plugged ducts and everything hurt so bad, she made time to come and help me. If it wasn’t for Leanne’s support I wouldn’t have breastfed for as long as I have, and now, he’s a year and still breast feeding :) thank you for everything that you’ve done for my son and me Leanne, we are forever grateful!

Mama G & Baby K

I am a second time mum who did not have a successful experience breastfeeding my first born. I had felt overwhelmed, stressed and did not receive timely or adequate support from healthcare providers when I was in pain and struggling with establishing successful nursing. I made the difficult decision to stop breastfeeding only 2 weeks in, which saddened me greatly.

When pregnant with my second child, my friends and I attended a prenatal lactation session when we were all in our 3rd trimester. We were so glad to take the time and have Leanne guide us through what to expect with breastfeeding. We all left feeling more prepared and confident about what was to come. Her advice was invaluable, from discussing colostrum collection before baby arrived, different latching positions, how to recognize when baby is not latched well and most importantly what to do in those situations and when to seek help. Honestly, giving ourselves the time with Leanne before our babies arrived allowed us to prepare ourselves mentally for the journey ahead. We could ask any questions we liked and she was so wonderful to talk with! The first few days after birth can be so overwhelming in itself, let alone having to figure out everything about breastfeeding on top of everything you’re going through! It made a world of difference having the knowledge Leanne gave us all ready to go! I didn’t encounter any issues breastfeeding my second child, we were off to a flying start, I think a lot of that was down to how prepared I felt about breastfeeding. That said, knowing Leanne was there in the community should things have gone off course and it was a great piece of mind. I would not have hesitated to call her if I had needed help! Attending her prenatal lactation session was one of the best things I could have done for myself. My son is now 9 months old and we continue to have a strong and successful breastfeeding journey. Thank you Leanne!

Mama E & Baby J

I just wanted to send you our sincerest thank you. When we reached out, we were both feeling completely overwhelmed about A’s bottle feeding situation and at a loss about what to do. B has been working with her consistently and it's been getting progressively better this week. The cup feeding has been absolutely necessary - without it I could not have been at work this week. She has been doing 2oz per feed that way most of the week which has kept her calm as she has been struggling with the bottle. Today she finally drank a full bottle for the first time in about a month. Just all of a sudden gulped it down.

We are both feeling relieved and optimistic that something has clicked and if we continue to be consistent we will continue on the right track. I can't thank you enough because without your help I don't think we would have gotten here - we may have had to make some extremely difficult decisions.

I'm sure you already know but just in case you don't hear it enough: What you do is so important and positively impacts families in lasting ways.

Mama J, Papa B & Baby A