Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle


Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle


Exclusive to Nourish Lactation this bundle has all your essential breastfeeding products to get you started as a new Mama

Bundle also includes $50 off an initial in-home Lactation Consultation

Bundle Includes:

  • Medela FreeStyle Breast Pump

  • Medela Sleep Bra

  • Medela TenderCare Nipple Cream

  • Nourish Sweatshirt (5 styles to choose from)

  • Rumina Naturals-Milk Aplenty

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Upon your request Mamas it’s finally here!! The Nourish breastfeeding bundle has been thoughtfully designed with all new breastfeeding Mothers in my mind.

With it’s competitive price of $500, you won’t be able to find another deal this good guaranteed!!. Plus each bundle comes with $50 off your initial in-home lactation consultation

You may also claim this purchase as a health spending expense as it will be billed with RN & IBCLC Registration numbers included!!

  • The Medela Freestyle pump is a fantastic double electric pump that enables you to efficiently and conveniently pump mother’s milk

  • The Medela Sleep Bra is the most comfortable bra a breastfeeding mother can wear day or night! With no snaps to fight with and it’s soft stretchy fabric, you aren’t going to want to take the bra off!

  • Medela TenderCare cream is helpful (and necessary) when your nipples become tender or raw from feeding baby. It’s made from pure lanolin and doesn’t need to be washed off before baby breastfeeds

  • Nourish’s fun and cheeky sweatshirts come in 5 different styles. They were designed to support breastfeeding and pumping mother’s as well as those families who have a had an infant stay in the NICU/hospital setting for an extended period of time

  • Rumina Natural’s Milk Aplenty is the best product on the market to help build and ensure a plentiful milk supply. It tastes awful but it works!!