Super Cool Breastfeeding Fact!

'According to Katie Hinde, PhD, a Biologist and Associate Professor at the Center or Evolution and Medicine at the School of Human Evolution & Social Change at Arizona State University, when a baby nurses, it creates a vacuum in which the infant's saliva sneaks into the mother's nipple. There, it is believed that mammary gland receptors interpret the "baby spit backwash" for bacteria and viruses and, if they detect something amiss (ie: the baby is sick or fighting off an infection,) her body will actually change the milk's immunological composition, tailoring it to the baby's particular pathogens by producing customized antibodies. "Putting this all together, some scientists hypothesize that this could be one of the ways babies let moms 'know' about their condition and moms respond with infection-fighting antibodies," Hinde said in an interview.'

Info taken from Leslie Goldman

I don't know about you, but I think this is super cool!!!! Our bodies are pretty incredible!!!

Leanne Rzepa RN BN IBCLC

Posted on January 19, 2016 .