In-home Support

In the comfort of your home, I will arrive at a mutually agreed upon time to ensure your baby is ready to breastfeed.

Firstly, I will take a detailed history & gather pertinent information related to your breastfeeding journey.

Before baby breastfeeds, I will perform a pre-feed weight and a then a post-feed weight at the end of the feed with a Medela Babyweigh scale which is a highly accurate scale which calculates how much milk baby drinks from the breast.

I observe & assess the entire feed and will offer a variety of suggestions and recommendations.

All notes will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours of the consult

Lactation support in the comfort of your home is the best way to get your breastfeeding journey off to the best start.

In-Home Support Packages

Initial Consults (1-2 hours) - $170 investment

Follow-up Consults (~1 hour) - $100 investment

I provide phone/e-mail support after the initial consult at no additional charge for an unlimited amount of time.

If you have an employer paid health plan, often a portion or sometimes the entire consult is reimbursed.

Nourish Lactation Consults can be billed as a health spending expense

Nourish Lactation accepts, cash, cheque, e-transfer and most major credit cards

Consults outside Calgary city limits are available for an additional $25.00 travel fee*

24 hours notice is kindly requested to cancel/reschedule

Other services include: Phone Consults, Weaning Plans, Return-to-work Plans, Re-lactation, & Induced Lactation Programs


BASE PACKAGE $250 Investment

Initial Consult +1 follow up

Medela Sleep Bra & Tender Care Cream

Save $60

Unlimited phone/text/e-mail support 24/7


$330 Investment

Initial Consult + 2 follow-ups

Medela Sleep Bra & Tender Care Cream

Save $80

Unlimited phone/text/e-mail support 24/7


$400 Investment

Initial Consult + 3 follow-ups

Medela Sleep Bra & Tender Care Cream

Save Over $100

Unlimited phone/text/e-mail support 24/7


$750 Investment

- Pre Natal Breastfeeding Class

- Unlimited Home Support

- Breastfeeding Survival Kit

- Medela Pump in Style

- Return to work plan

- Weaning Plan

-Unlimited 24/7 phone/text/e-mail support

Save over $300!!!!!!


Payments can be divided as needed

Providing Personalized In-Home Breastfeeding Support for Over 19 years

 Leanne is a Registered Nurse and Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant

 Book a Consult today.  Don't wait until your Breastfeeding Challenges get out of hand!

 Happy Mamas and Babies Guaranteed