Corporate Support Programs

As an employer, who cares not only about the health and well being of your employee but about their entire family, Nourish Lactation Consulting (NLC) is pleased to now offer an innovative program that will provide & ensure success & support in the home as well as the workplace setting.

‘A work environment that accommodates the needs of breastfeeding mothers will have more satisfied and productive employees, and decreased absenteeism to care for sick children. Overall morale within the workplace is improved.’

‘The presence of formalized lactation programs and support in the employment setting improves mother’s capabilities to breastfeed successfully and should be commonplace. Informed employers understand how support of breastfeeding employees will positively affect their businesses’ (Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine)

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Benefits to the Employee

Breastfeeding is well recognized as a means to protect, promote and support the health of infants and young children. Human milk promotes optimal growth and development of a baby’s brain, immune system, and general physiology. Research has shown breast milk to be an important factor in decreasing the risk for common illnesses, including diarrhea and infections of the respiratory tract, ear and urinary tract. Evidence also suggests breastfeeding may decrease the risk of SIDS, obesity, diabetes, and some childhood cancers.

It is these benefits that have led the World Health Organization and Health Canada to recommend that infants be exclusively breastfed for the first six months, and continue breastfeeding up to 2 years of age and beyond with appropriate complementary feeding. As a result, more mothers are returning to work after paid maternity leave wanting to combine employment and breastfeeding. In order to be successful, these women need workplaces that are supportive of their needs.

Benefits to the Employer

You, as an employer, will benefit because healthy mothers and children ensure benefits for your business.

These benefits include:

  • Lower absenteeism – Breastfeeding has been associated with a decrease in parental employee absenteeism as a result of a sick child.

  • Lower health care costs to extended health plans – One study found that for every 1,000 babies not breastfed, there were 2,033 extra physician visits, 212 extra hospitalization days, and 609 extra prescriptions for three illnesses alone (ear, respiratory and gastrointestinal infections).

  • Higher productivity and loyalty – One study identified that employers who support breastfeeding in the workplace contribute to mothers’ peace of mind, decreasing stress and increasing productivity.

  • Improved public relations – By providing a program to support breastfeeding employees, your ability to recruit top-notch staff will be enhanced.

The Benefits of Breastfeeding

Choose Your Plan

All plans are based on the co-pay policies in your workplace


Nourish Support Plan

$500.00/Maternity leave

Pre-natal breastfeeding session

Initial in home lactation consult

Unlimited home visits for 1 month

Return to work planning if mom wishes to continue breastfeeding/pumping


Nourish comfort plan

$850.00/maternity leave

Nourish Support Plan PLUS:

Unlimited in home lactation support for 90 days

Unlimited phone/e-mail support throughout the year

Return to work planning if mom wishes to continue breastfeeding/pumping

Weaning plan when the time is right


nourish premium plan

$1200.00/maternity leave

Nourish Comfort Plan PLUS:

Unlimited in home lactation support for the first 6 months

Medela Pump in Style Breast Pump included


Build Your Own Plan

In Home Options


Initial in home Lactation Consult

Unlimited home visits - 1 month Plus - Initial Lactation Consult

Unlimited home visits - 3 months Plus - Initial Lactation Consult

Unlimited home visits - 6 months Plus - Initial Lactation Consult

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Education Options


Pre-natal breastfeeding class

Assistance with transitioning to a bottle

Weaning Plans and Schedule

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Workplace Options


Workplace Pump Room Set-Up & Plan

Return to Work Plans for Breastfeeding Mom’s

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Product Options


◗ A selection of one of our Medela Pumps

Breastfeeding survival kit (nursing bra, nipple cream, natural supplements, breast pads, pumping freezer bags)

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Supporting Information


There is no finer investment for any community than putting milk into babies

- Winston Churchill

‘There are many benefits of supporting breastfeeding to employers. ‘Lower healthcare costs, decreased absenteeism, increased employee retention, and positive public relations are the most tangible benefits to employers that have been shown in individual studies when establishing this kind of support in their workplace. Prenatal education, employment consultation, and ongoing telephone support have all been shown to be positively associated with breastfeeding success.’ Workplace lactation programs that features all of these accommodations would be considered the ‘‘top of the line.’’ (Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine 2013)

‘Breastfeeding initiation rates in Alberta are at 91% but by 6 months that rate drops to 26%’ (AHS 2015)

Breastfeeding is a matter of health protection and promotion. As a collective society, Nourish Lactation Consulting believes it is our responsibility to be proactive informed decision makers when it comes to breastfeeding as opposed to reactive when a health deficit is discovered

Lactation Consultants are not covered in Canada under the majority of health benefit plans yet they are a vital part of the health care system. Appointments with LC’s can be made through the public health system but demand far outweighs availability and access to this very important service is usually delayed. In many instances it’s too late for the mother baby dyad to successfully continue on their breastfeeding journey.

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World Health Orgnaization