Pelvic Floor Support with Alana Devlin BMR PT CAFCI Physiotherapy Consultant in Pelvic Health

The goal of a visit with a pelvic physical therapist is to guide you in resolving and preventing common pelvic floor issues that many women think are normal parts of being pregnant,being a mother or just being a woman!
Pelvic health physiotherapists have specialized postgraduate training which includes several techniques to evaluate how your pelvic floor is functioning.

Your initial assessment is a one-on-one treatment with a female therapist in a private treatment room and will usually last about an hour.

Your physiotherapist will start by collecting a detailed history of symptoms. She will ask you about many potential symptoms that may seem unrelated or very personal in nature. Questions are about bladder, bowel, low back, tailbone, hip pain and several sexual function questions. You may be asked to fill out other forms prior to your scheduled appointment to make this more comfortable.

Once a complete medical history is gathered as well as your preferences and goals for your visit, a physical examination will begin. This will include a thorough postural, joint and musculoskeletal assessment where appropriate.

Here is what causes a little anxiety in many people, the internal exam! An internal exam is not mandatory in all cases but is the gold standard for pelvic floor assessment. The assessment will always be discussed and you will always be asked to provide consent before any assessment or treatment is provided. Additionally, you are always welcome to remove consent at anytime you wish.

For the internal assessment, your physiotherapist will leave the room and you will be asked to undressed from the waist down (you can keep your socks on to prevent cold feet), lie down on the table and cover yourself with the drape/sheet provided. A clean technique using a water-based hypoallergenic lubricant and non-latex gloves will be utilized. First your external tissues will be examined for any skin changes, scarring and overall appearance. The internal portion involves the physical therapist inserting one or two gloved fingers into your vagina without the use of any instruments. Your pelvic floor muscle strength, tone, coordination, laxity and connective tissue integrity for prolapse will be assessed.

At the end of the assessment, findings are discussed and a treatment plan is initiated with your goals in mind. 

Expect to leave with a small amount of homework and a lot more information about your body and health. 

Cost: $170

Nutritional Support Counselling with Sharla Stoffman B.Sc RD

Hey there, I’m Sharla, and I’m passionate about growing babies! That might sound odd, but my 15 years experience in Pediatric Acute Care has guided my focus to achieving optimal health, growth, and development for babies. As a mom of 2 (heaven help me…. teen and tween- aged) girls, I also see the importance of a happy and healthy family unit. 

 Specializing in infant growth and managing specialized diets for both mom and baby, I will get to know you, your baby, and your family, and understand your concerns. Together, guided by experience, and evidenced based knowledge, we will come up with solutions for success.

 A typical visit for baby will involve:

 -  Assessment of growth

-   Assessment of intake

- Review of pertinent family health, diet, and allergy history

- Thorough understanding of parental concerns


A typical visit for maternal health will involve:

 - Complete nutrition assessment

- Review of personal and family health history

- Thorough understanding of concerns and goals

 The objective of every consultation is to come to mutual understanding, relay concerns, and find real life solutions.

Cost: $170

Sleep Coaching with Alison McAdam- Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant & Owner of Cheeky Sleeper


Initial Sleep Package includes

  • Complete a sleep Intake form- allowing me to better understand what sleep currently looks like for the family.

  • Conduct a 30-minute face to face sleep consult (within Calgary) or 1-hour video conference.

  • A Family Sleep Plan - a detailed summary of our consult and sleep training process.

  • 3 days of phone, text and email support and completion of their personal sleep log.

  • Family Sleep log

  • A Wrap up document with hints and tips for the coming month’s sleep challenges.

  • Discount provided on for additional sleep support with Cheeky Sleeper.

COST: $170

Doula & Post Partum Support Specialist-Amber

Amber has been a certified Doula for over 14 years and prides herself in listening to and meeting the needs of her clients. Amber has extensive experience working with families of twins and triplets!! She can happily provide day time and night time support on an extended basis. Her services also include respite care, baby bathing, meal prep, laundry, light housekeeping, and whatever else you feel is needed as a new mother!

Cost: $34/hour

Breastfeeding Support with Leanne Rzepa RN BN IBCLC

Leanne has over 19 years experience working with breastfeeding families in the hospital, clinic, and home setting. She prides herself on providing the highest quality of care, support, and evidence-based practice to her clients in the comfort of their own homes. No breastfeeding challenge is turned away!!! Visit the Lactation Services page for more information on breastfeeding support services provided by Leanne

Cost: $170 (Initial Consult)

Bundle & Save on Any Nourish Service Valued at $180


Check your employer benefit plan to see which Nourish Services are reimbursed